Welcome to my list of feed backs I have goten regarding my site

Hi Brian ??,  I just wanted to say, Your site is awesome. I get all your emails  (and pray for each request) and have your site listed on my Links for Jesus page, as you also have a link to one of my pages. I thank you for a wonderful job you are doing for the Lord. Please don't ever lose faith in your ministry. I was just visiting your site and your prayer page is exactly what the world needs. I know there can never, ever be too many sites that offer prayer to our father God in behalf of other brothers and sisters, and also going to our father in prayer for the lost who need to see how REAL Jesus is!  I just thought I would write you and tell you, "You are appreciated" God bless you, Joanne <><

Hello Brother Brian, I live in NYC and witnessed most of what happened at The Twin Towers. When I heard the rest of the news I was completely devastated. Although I prayed, I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Thank you for listening and letting me bend your ear.
sister Blanche

From sister BLANCHE

I pray for Brother Doug, may God keep him safe and out of harms way.

For Brother Brian's daughters, may they find the Lord and be saved and may God Bless Brother Brian and his daughters along with his loved ones. Please forgive me Brother Brian if it sounds as though I'm out of line, but worrying about your children is an overwhelming task, and even if words aren't said aloud, I'm sure you are praying with your heart and I believe The Good Lord knows and understands.

For sister Aby, May God help and bless her with any assistance she may need.

May God touch and heal Chris and keep her safe. For Erik's Grandmother, I pray that God has kept her from harm, and may He bless her and the family. For Trish's 2 nieces, I ask The Lord to keep them safe and bring them to a place of understanding. May God bless them.

sister Blanche

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